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Yesterday was the beginning of the Lenten Season. While Lent is traditionally a season of spiritual reflection and renewal within the Christian community, its principles are universal and applicable to everyone, no matter your faith.


The term “Lent” comes from the Middle English word for spring. With spring, we celebrate new beginnings, new life, and a renewal of nature. So, too, we celebrate our own renewal by reflecting on the past and the future, acts of self-discipline, and showing kindness to others.

While Lent is directed to individuals, we view Lent as an opportunity for our Firm to renew and restate our Mission to our clients, past, present, and future. We will reflect on our mission, vision, and values and ask whether they are aligned with the greatest good for our clients.


Lastly, kindness to others is one of our core values. It is the reason we started our law firm—so that we could help others in time of need. Lent will give us an opportunity to ask whether we are succeeding in that mission and what we can do to be better.


Lent is a special time as it is a time to reinvigorate ourselves. At Adam B Reed & Associates, we view it as a time to reflect on our firm's

mission, our values, and our vision and make sure we are doing everything we can, with all the resources at our disposal, to meet the needs of our clients.


We hope that Lent is a special time for renewal for you as well.


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