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Five Years on a Mission

Five years ago, Reed Carter opened its doors with a mission. We set out to be a different kind of law firm. We wanted to be new school. We wanted to be a firm that used the efficiencies generated by technology. We wanted to use those technologies to communicate with our clients more effectively and make them an integral part of their own legal team. We wanted to look at things differently than other law firms and to look at litigation with our client’s whole well-being in kind. But, we did not want to leave the old school behind. We believed that our word is our bond and that handshake means something. We believed in honest evaluation of cases to our clients. We believed In tough representation of our clients’ interests but that a wise general picks and chooses his battles carefully. And then we realized, we could do both.

Five years since we started, we are proud that we are the new old school. We are proud in our record of successful results. We are proud that we have maintained our core beliefs in fairness, integrity, and professionalism. And mostly, we are so very proud that thousands of clients have chosen us to represent them in their legal matters and have given us the privilege of serving as their lawyers.

Our mission statement reads that “we handle each of our client’s legal matters with a high degree of professionalism, tenacity, and legal skill. We represent our clients with honesty and respect and place their personal and financial best interests before all other considerations in litigation. We strive to represent our clients with the same personal attention as if they were our own family, while working to deliver exceptional results in their legal matters.”

This started as our goal five years ago and remains our goal today. But, it is also just more than a goal. These principles guide us and are applied each and every day.

We started on a mission. Thanks to our wonderful clients, that mission continues. It has for five years and will long into the future.


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