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One Ring Scam

To all our friends, beware of random calls from foreign countries, especially Sierra Leone and Mauratania.

The Federal Communications Commission issued a warning over the weekend to recipients of these calls. They are a scam and can result in you becoming a victim of theft.

The calls come at all hours and are a robocall. They ring once or twice and hang up. The goal is get a recipient to call the number back, but this callback results in charges similar to a 900 call. Thousands of these calls have been received in the US and Texas is one to the top targets of these con artists.

In fact, Saturday night I saw three people receive this call. Then last night, my number was tagged. I received two calls, one at 11:00 pm and a call at 1:50 am.

The FCC has recommended that you not answer these calls and under no circumstances should you call an unknown number back. Scam artists are always looking for a new scam so beware of any suspicious activity on your phone bill and your financial accounts. Tap the photo to read the FCC warning.

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